Mini Body Camera SC09


  • 1296P Super HD Body Camera. The real 1296P resolution (2304*1296) greatly improves the clarity of the video, which can perfectly restore the actual situation of the scene. Thanks to the powerful 4MP CMOS sensor and strong CPU inside, our SC09 bodycam records a real video resolution without any pixel interpolation.
  • Flexible Memory Design Body Cameras. The external TF card design allows you to upgrade to larger memory (Maximum 512Gb) by yourself anytime anywhere. We offer 1 High Quality Sandisk 64GB card in the package, enough for 20 hours of 1080P HD video or 10000 image shots. Also with our TF card reader, you can playback files on any computer systems, Windows, Mac, Chromebook or even Linux.
  • An Easy to Wear Body Cam. Equipped with 2 pcs 360-degree rotating body camera clips, no matter what clothes you wear, whether you are walking, running or cycling, you can easily and firmly clip on your body.
  • Powerful Body Worn Camera. The SC09 is an easy-to-use and powerful body camera. Not only does it has many strong functions like motion detection, led torch, auto night vision, photo shot, and video watermarking…, but also equips with the latest video imaging chips and sensors. This makes it longer continuous video recording time and captures clear details in such a small-size mini body camera.
  • Be Safe with Me. When you are facing violence, when you or your families are bullied, when you have to face other people’s sophistry and distorted facts, and cannot defend yourself, we are by our side. We hope you never have to use the footage but if you have to you can count on me, a perfect silent witness body camera.

Our Advantages:
The 6 layers of glass lens ensure the light can be better refracted to the sensor so that this small body camera can capture the clearest picture. In the market, most body cameras only offer 4 layers of the glass lens. The MJPEG video encoding ensures every frame of video recorded will not be blurred, especially when moving the body camera. Support 1296p, 1080p,720p
Body Camera with Audio.
Equipped with an independent audio recording button, you can record audio separately (Sometimes you are not allowed to film). The highly sensitive condenser microphone makes it possible to capture any sound detail within 5 meters. Audio can also be played back on the body camera separately.
The 140-degree wide-angle lens is just right to capture more facts, but also won’t cause wide-angle deformity, and won’t lose some details.

Body camera with clear night vision.

Equipped with 6 high-power infrared lights, it can capture details within a range of 12 meters even on a pitch dark night.
Maximum supports 36 Mega Pixel high-resolution photos.
Photo Shooting: One keystroke will capture up to 15 photos. The criminal has nowhere to hide.
Motion Detection : Automatically start recording as soon as motion is detected.
Auto/Manual Night Vision.
Loop Recording: The oldest video will be deleted to make room for saving new video, so you do not need to worry that the SD card is full to stop recording.
When you need the videos, you can download them through USB on a computer.
IP66 Waterproof & 2 Meters Drop Resistance. It is IP66 weatherproof so it can work both indoors and outdoors under tough conditions(Temperature -20 to 65℃) as a police body camera.<br>
The extremely small size of 78*54.8*31.1mm and the weight of only 110g, compact & lightweight, suitable for long time wearing.
Good personal body cameras for walking, security, dog walking, meeting, sports,law enforcement, guards

Please watch training video for SC09.

Training Video for SC09


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