Mini Body Camera SC01 Plus


  • Built-in 64Gb Large Storage and Loop Recording. The 128GB storage will allow you to keep up to 120 hours of video files (at 720P 30FPS, High Compression on). If you work 8 hours a day, you don’t need to delete videos in 15 days! In the meanwhile, you can turn on the “Loop Recording” feature, videos segments will be over-written started from 15 days ago if the memory card is full. No need to upload videos to a computer at all.
  • The camera comes with a 360-degree rotational flat crocodile clip. The flat clip helps to grab your uniform firmly. We know people don’t want to wear a huge brick on the body, so we make this camera in smart size but still, it can get 8 to 10 hours continuous recording time. Smart but powerful!
  • This camera support 1080P and 1296P FHD videos, it helps to record clear videos when doing law enforcement. Also, it has 6 pcs infrared led lights for auto night vision.
  • Police Siren. Long press Audio Recording button to activate a loud police siren and flashing blue&red panic light. Scare out the criminals.
  • LED Flash Light. Long press FN button to activate the LED flashlight. It could be useful in a dark environment.
  • Motion Detection Feature. If you turn on the motion detection feature, the camera will scan all the things in its Len’s filed. If there is anything moving, it will start 30 seconds recording immediately!

The SPIKECAM SC01 is a mini body camera with size 76*54*26.5mm and 100 grams light weight only. It can record video footages about 8 hours at high resolution. Also the small body camera has many powerful features like SOS alarm siren, built-in flashlight, photoburst(taking 20 photos at a time) and strong IR night vision ability. For more information please read below.

  1. 64Gb Built-in Memory. Our body camera comes with 64/128Gb memory card inside. It can store up to 120 hours of 1080P FHD videos. All files on camera will be protected with passwords for data security considering.
  2. Smart Size & Unique Flat Clip. For wearing comfortably, our body-mounted camera is designed with smart size, only 2.99*2.16*1.06 inch, and smart weight 3.88 oz. The 360° rotational unique flat clip helps you grab your uniform firmly and reduces shakiness.
  3. 1296p & Infrared Night Vision & 8-10 Hours Recording Time. This body-worn camera supports 1080P FHD and 1296P video recording. There are 6 pcs Infrared lights on it so it can capture clear videos up to 50 feet in pitch-black darkness. With a built-in 2600mAh battery, it can record 8 to 10 hours of videos continuously under different resolutions.
  4. Flash Light, Panic Alarm Light. Our personal body camera has many other interesting features like built-in flashlight, built-in panic alarm light (SOS light), motion detection feature, burst shot, pre-recording, post-recording… You will know more details on the description page.

Please check the training videos from below.

SPIKECAM SC01 Plus Body Camera Training Video

Please download relative software from this google drop box.

If you have any questions using the camera, please feel free to let us know by [email protected]


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  1. moni

    I like the wide angle it give and the quality of of it picture

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