Mini Body Cam Z15

SPIKECAM Small Body Cam with WiFi, Real 1080P 6 Hours Battery Life Body Cameras with Audio and Video, Auto Night Vision Body Worn Camera for Security, Meeting, Biking, Sports and more

Advantages of SPIKECAM Z15:

1. High Video Quality, with real 1080P support.

Our body camera’s 6-layer glass lens ensures that light is refracted better to the sensor, resulting in the clearest picture possible. Most cameras in the market only offer 4 layers of the glass lens. The MOV video encoding ensures that every frame of video recorded is sharp, even when the camera is moving. The strong main chipset allows it to capture high-resolution up to 1080P video, ensuring that the camera captures high-quality video without missing any details.

2. Replaceable SD card. The replaceable SD card design not only allows you to change the SD card, but also makes the body worn camera compatible with all desktop/laptop systems, including Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Linux, and iOS/Android. With our TF card reader, the SD card can be turned into a USB disk drive, making it easier to copy files without needing any extra software. The TF card supports up to 512GB.

3. WiFi Body Cam. This WiFi body camera allows you to turn on the WiFi function at any time and use your mobile phone to play back, download, and share video evidence in real-time. This feature ensures that you can access video evidence immediately on your phone when needed.

4. Auto Night Vision. Equipped with 4 high-power infrared lights, it can capture details within a range of 12 meters even ona pitch-dark night.

5. Motion Detection. The camera automatically starts recording as soon as motion is detected.

6. 140° Wide Angle. The 140-degree wide-angle lens is perfect for capturing more details without causing wide-angle deformity or losing any important information.

7. Stealth Mode. The Z15 body camera has a Stealth Mode feature that can be activated by turning off the status LED. This ensures that the status LED won’t flash during recording while in stealth mode, which can be useful for special tasks that require discretion.(only work with iPhone)

8. Smart Size. The camera is extremely small, measuring only 100*36*20mm and weighing just 83g. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around and suitable for putting in your pocket.

9. Multiple Usage. The 0.25in threaded hole at the bottom of the camera makes it suitable for different environments, such as bike riding, meetings, selfies, wearing on a bag, running, trips, and more. The package includes a bike mount, desk tripod, and lanyard cord for added convenience.

Please visit this link to watch training videos.


1. Excellent Video Quality Body Camera. This mini body camera with audio and video features a 6-layer lens and Sony sensor that ensure excellent video quality. Unlike many other mini cameras that cost only £30, its video recording is in real pixels, capturing every detail without missing anything. With this body camera with audio and night vision, you can easily record clear footage in any situation, whether for security, surveillance, meeting, sports or outdoor activities.
2. WiFi Body Camera with Easy Video Sharing This bodycam camera with sound allows for WiFi playback and easy video sharing directly from your phone. You can share the evidence immediately with your phone, without the need for a computer. You can also playback your videos in real-time by WiFi on your large mobile phone screen. With the WiFi app, you can easily configure the camera without needing any extra text files or computer.
3. Multiple Mounting Options Body Worn Camera. This wearable camera has a cleverly designed back clip that makes it easy to wear on a T-shirt or uniform. The 0.25 inch threaded hole in the bottom compatible with a variety of action camera accessories, such as Holders, Harness, etc. The included Bike Mount make it easy to use on a bike or motorcycle. Its unique lanyard loop design also make it convenient to carry around as a pocket camera so that you can use this small body camera in any situation.
4. Long Video Recording Time Body Camera. This small body camera has a recording time of up to 6 hours and features excellent video quality. Unlike many other mini cameras that can only record for 2-3 hours, this body cam provides a longer recording time, making it perfect for recording a meeting, outdoor activity, or sports event. Its small size also makes it suitable for use as a travel video recorder, and the included 64GB card can store up to 150 hours of 1080P video(Dynamic Bitrate).
5. Clear Auto Night Vision Body Cam. Equipped with 4 powerful infrared lights,this body camera with audio and night vision can record clear footage even in complete darkness. The auto night vision mode automatically turns on when the light is insufficient, ensuring that you won’t miss any important details at night. Whether you use it for home security, outdoor activities, or law enforcement, this mini body camera with audio and video can provide you with clear and reliable footage.


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