SPIKECAM Portable Body Camera Z15 Training Video

Please watch this video. You can also download the e-manual from attached link.

Manual for SPIKECAM Z15 Body Camera

If you have any questions, please send email to [email protected]. Thank you.


Why my videos don’t have sound?

  1. First, please ensure that your camera has turned on the Sound Recording function on the Viidure app.
  2. Please verify that your firmware version is 20230418 V1.1.0. This particular firmware contains a bug that causes the sound to disappear in subsequent videos after recording audio. To avoid this issue, reboot the camera after recording audio or updating your firmware to the latest version by following the link provided.
  • The audio picks up too much noise?

To ensure the sound recording quality, we have increased the gain. Based on customer feedback, we have developed and released a new version of the firmware that addresses the noise issue. Please refer to question 1 to download and update the firmware.

  • I am not able to see the Status LED option on Viidure app.
  • Please ensure that you are using an iPhone to connect to the camera’s WiFi. Only the Viidure app version for iPhone allows you to access the Status LED option. We highly recommend using an iPhone for the best experience.
  • I am unable to power on the camera by pressing the power button.
  • First, please ensure that your camera has remaining battery. Please charge the camera for 3 hours at least.
  • Try pressing the Power Button(No.10) for more than 5 seconds and see if you can power it on. If it still doesn’t work, press the small RESET button (No.12) with a pin a couple of times and then try again.
  • How do I export video to my computer?
  • Connect the camera to your computer using a USB Tye C cable. The camera will then turn into a USB disk driver on the computer, and you can copy files from it. You can take out the TF card and use our TF card reader to read files also.
  • Does the camera support night vision?
  • Yes, you can turn on auto night vision with Viidure App. More information please check No.4.1 on the manual.
  • How do I playback video files?
  • You can download Viidure app or Roadcam app to playback the video files.
  • When I connect the camera to my computer, it shows “Unrecognized USB device…”
  • This issue may be due to an unstable connection between the camera and computer. Please try the following solutions:

1) Try another USB port on your computer or try it on another computer.

2) Try another Type C USB cable if you have one.

  • The camera’s status LED is flashing red in an abnormal pattern and the camera is unable to record.

To resolve this issue, please confirm the following:

(1) The TF card has been properly inserted into the designated slot (TF Card Slot No. 4) and has been formatted with the FAT32 file system.

(2) Ensure that all three sliders on the right-hand side (Sliders No.13-15) are in the Off position.

If the above requirements have been met, please attempt to power off and restart the camera.

  • I am unable to connect to WiFi.

To connect to WiFi, please follow these steps:

1)Ensure that the camera is in standby mode.

2)Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn on WiFi. Make sure not to hold the button for too long, as this will power off the camera.

3)The Status LED will blink in green to indicate that the WiFi is turned on.

4)Attempt to connect to the camera’s hotspot now.

5)If you are unable to connect to the hotspot, try restarting the camera and turning on WiFi again. This may resolve the issue.

If you have any other questions or problems, please contact us via Amazon message or email at [email protected]. Our support team will reply to you within 24 hours. Thank you again for choosing our camera.

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