SPIKECAM 18 Hours Pro Body Cameras with Audio Video and Strong Night Vision, 4K Bodycam Camera with Sound for Security, Law Enforcement, Citizens


  • Super Long Battery Life Body Cameras. Equipped with a 4400mAh large-capacity battery, this body camera ensures up to 18 hours of continuous recording. Charge once, and it’s good to go for two days, making it highly reliable for long durations of law enforcement or security duties.
  • Quick-Start Recording Body Cam. Featuring a prominent front recording button, the body worn camera allows for fast and easy activation of video recording, ensuring that crucial evidence is captured promptly in emergency situations. It’s a user-friendly design that enhances operational efficiency in high-pressure environments.
  • Magnetic Charging and Data Transfer. Designed with a magnetic data cable, the bodycam facilitates effortless charging and data transfer, ensuring that the device is always ready for action and the necessary data is securely stored and easily accessible. Traditional body camera dock is also included.
  • Instant Playback Body Camera. With its 2-inch HD LCD screen, this body camera offers local playback with 128X fast forward/backward, allowing for quick and detailed evidence retrieval directly from the bodycam, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of data management.
  • Military-Grade Pre-recording and Body Camera for Security. The body camera boasts up to 2 minutes of pre-recording time, ensuring no detail is missed. Coupled with military-grade encryption measures, it guarantees the security and integrity of recorded data, enhancing the reliability of the evidence collected.

Powerful Body Worn Camera – The Military Grade Body Camera From SPIKECAM

1. Long-Lasting Battery Life – Equipped with a 4400mAh high-capacity battery, this body camera offers an impressive 18 hours of continuous recording. Charge once and record for two full days, ensuring your moments are captured without interruption.

2. Expansive 128GB Storage – Comes with a large 128GB memory card, allowing up to 55 hours of 720P recording. Perfect for extensive use without worrying about space constraints.

3. Quick-Start Recording Feature – Features a prominent front recording button for emergency situations. Activate recording swiftly to capture evidence as it happens, ensuring crucial moments are never missed.

4. Magnetic Charging Design – Innovatively designed with a magnetic charging cable for hassle-free charging and data transfer. Experience ease and convenience at its best.

5. Powerful Sound System – Integrated with a high-volume speaker and clear voice prompts, this body camera with audio ensures you hear every detail, even in noisy outdoor environments.

Sensitive Microphone – A precise microphone captures every subtle sound within a 5-meter range, guaranteeing clear audio pickup.

6. 2K HD Resolution – Offering 2K high-definition video quality, this body cam ensures crystal-clear footage, both during the day and at night.

7. 2-inch HD LCD Screen – The body camera features a 2-inch high-definition LCD screen, supporting up to 128X playback for quick evidence review.

8. One-Click SOS Alarm – Equipped with a one-click SOS alert to emit loud emergency signals, attracting attention and assistance when needed.

9. Advanced Pre-Recording – Supports up to 2 minutes of pre-recording with military-grade technology, ensuring no vital footage is missed.

10. Built-in GPS for Evidence Integrity – Integrates GPS to watermark recordings, enhancing the credibility and accuracy of the evidence captured.

11. Lock Mode for Security – Features a unique Lock mode that secures the camera from unauthorized access, ensuring uninterrupted and safe recording.

12. Additional Versatile Functions – Includes sensitive motion detection, LED torch, and delayed recording, making it a multifaceted tool for various situations..

For more information please take a reference of the manual and video guide. Thank you.


Please watch the training video from this link.


SPIKECAM HERO 7 Body Camera Training Video




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